• The Avenue’s philosophy is guided by the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and offers play and inquiry-based learning, focusing on the children’s strengths and interests. We provide children, families and the community with a welcoming, nurturing and stimulating atmosphere. Children feel safe and supported in our homely environment. They are free to be themselves, build respectful relationships, explore their interests and develop to their full potential.

    Our diverse curriculum covers children from birth to primary school. It includes a range of programs designed to develop important life skills that will help children throughout their lives, while supporting different styles of learning.

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  • Social emotional values and skills

    We value and support children’s varying Social Emotional developmental needs by recognising children’s individual strengths and learning styles. Children are taught about Social Emotional skills through learning self-regulation skills such as breathing, empowerment and understanding respect and boundaries of one another. Developing Self-help skills translates into empowering children socially and emotionally to become confident and competent learners in their environment which is crucial for a successful transition to school.

  • Bush Kinder

    We run weekly beyond the gate excursions for kindergarten children to nearby parks and gardens that inspire exploration, physical challenges, nature craft, sensory experiences and lots of time for unstructured play.

  • Art

    We cultivate the children’s self expression, creativity and innovative thinking through art activities. From painting stations, to craft corners and tinkering tables, to teaching children about famous artists from around the world, our art sessions promote sensory play and help develop the children’s language and communication skills.

  • Physical activity

    Our outdoor areas are designed to inspire children to play and move. Climbing equipment, jumping mats, balancing beams and balls help children develop improved coordination, balance and fitness. We also run jungle gym, obstacle course and yoga sessions to support the children’s physical development.

  • Excursions and incursions

    According to the children’s interests, we run excursions to the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Museum, library, post office, supermarket, local cafes and many other places to enhance learning opportunities outside the classroom and to connect with the community. In addition to visits from emergency services and Melbourne Museum staff, many parents volunteer to help us deliver an exceptional incursion program that includes sessions on art, health and wellbeing, science, different cultures, sustainability and technology.

  • Language program

    Italian lessons are delivered throughout the centre each week, and informally during free-play. Reading stories and learning songs and phrases help to develop the children’s language skills, as well as their understanding of different countries, cultures and foods.