• Community

    At The Avenue we are committed to fostering our Centre’s family focused approach, and to our important role within the local community. The Avenue is a special place; a home away from home for our children, their families and our staff.

    We are different from many larger centres as we involve families in every part of our operation; from the day to day running of the Centre, to our social events and our parent working bees.

    If you have any suggestions for events, parent information sessions, things that we need to attend to in order to improve our practices, or anything that would be of interest to you and your family please do not hesitate to share it with us.

    Current Projects & News

    Happy Little Foodies Cookbook

    Our cookbook “Happy Little Foodies” is available from the office or kitchen, so please feel free to come and purchase one for that special someone!

    Vertical Garden

    The Committee of Management and Staff are working towards further upgrades of our wonderful back garden which will include a Vertical Garden to be placed on the fence. This garden will not only improve the aesthetics of this part of the garden, but also provide children with the opportunity to learn about the plants and assist with their care.

    Indigenous Garden

    In addition to the vertical garden, The Committee of Management and Staff are also working with local nurseries and Indigenous experts to create a new, Indigenous Garden. This garden will hold only local, native plants and provide an enormous array of learning opportunities for our children around the plants themselves and the local Indigenous history and culture.