• You’re invited to our centre

    We invite you to meet our team of highly experienced and skilled educators and experience how we provide quality care and education.

    We have an open door policy on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 9.30am and 11.00am. No bookings are required.

  • How to enrol

    In accordance with our Lease Agreement with the City of Port Phillip (CoPP) we are part of the Centralised Waiting List which is managed by the CoPP.

    Families can put their child/ren’s name on the Waiting List by clicking here or by phoning (03) 9209 6360.

    If you wish to obtain a placement at The Avenue please ensure that you elect The Avenue Children’s Centre and Kindergarten.

  • Enrolment procedure

    There are two periods when vacancies occur – either at the beginning of each year or when vacancies arise throughout the year.

    Once a place has become available the following procedure must be followed.

    In the first instance, all parents who want their child/children to continue at The Avenue in the following year must re-apply for care. In the event that a parent doesn’t re-apply for care, it will be accepted that care is no longer required. Applications for care are sent to all existing families in August for each year.​

    When a vacancy occurs the following procedure is adopted:

    1. All current families’ care is assessed, making sure all parents have the care they require before allocating the care to a new family.
    2. The guidelines of the CoPP Children’s Services Waiting List are followed.
    3. The vacancy is offered to the eligible parent, who must confirm the enrolment within 24 hours.
    4. Parents are invited to an orientation at The Avenue, where they can see our education programs in action, receive an explanation of the service provided, get introduced to the staff who will be working with their children, and discuss the following matters with the Director:
      • Introduction to and explanation of the enrolment process
      • Awareness of policies and principles
      • Arranging for necessary forms to be completed and returned ASAP
      • Payment of share/membership
      • Background information on their child/children
      • An individual settling-in procedure is discussed and agreed upon, based on the child’s background, the parent’s wishes and the Director’s professional experience.

    To be offered a place at The Avenue you must first be registered with the City of Port Phillip’s centralised waitlist. For more information call The City of Port Phillip on 03 9209 6360 or visit its website.