4 Year Old Kindergarten

  • We offer a funded 4-Year-old Kindergarten Program integrated into the long day care setting. The Kindergarten room, which accommodates 3-5 year old children, operates above educator requirements to provide a higher quality of interactions and care for the children. There are 20 children in total and three educators, two of whom are Bachelor Qualified Kindergarten Teachers and one a Diploma Qualified Educator.

  • 4 Year Old Kindergarten – Our Program and Planning

    Our program and planning is purely based on children’s interests, strengths and needs. We are constantly observing the children to see what they are playing with, how they are playing with it, what they are learning and how they are interacting with others.

    From this we think, discuss and plan your children’s activities, experiences and set-up the environments accordingly. We make sure that all children are being observed and their interests followed so therefore every child has contributed to the program in some form.

  • Individual Learning and Portfolios

    Each child has their own individual portfolio, documenting learning stories, observations, conversations, photos and your child’s interests. These are always accessible to families and you are able to see your child’s progress throughout the year.

    You Can Do It! Early Childhood Education Program

    The ‘You Can Do It’ social/emotional learning program is integrated into daily practice. The program is highly effective in teaching young children about being confident, persevering at tasks, getting along with others, becoming resilient and organising themselves and their belongings. It is based around 5 puppets with songs and storyboards to support the learning.

    General Outing Scheme

    In the kinder program, we have a general outing scheme which allows the children to become active members of the local community. Once we have parental consent children have the opportunity to go on excursions in the community. This can include going to local parks, the supermarket, the post office, library, cafes and local primary school. This allows the program and learning to be extended in a real-life scenario.

    Bush Kindergarten

    Children participating in the 4 Year Old Funded Kindergarten Program have the opportunity to attend a bush kinder session. Each week the children head to the beautiful Ripponlea Estate to learn through nature based play. Children are often seen climbing trees, creating fairy gardens, collecting treasure and using their wonderful imaginations to explore the beautiful gardens. The session runs one morning per week, alternating days each term, allowing children the opportunity to participate throughout the year.

    Transition Time

    The purpose of this program is to prepare children for a smooth transition to school and to promote school readiness. Transition time will be a short 20-minute group time once a day for our 
4 and 5 year olds. Transition Time will provide activities that are based on the strengths and interest of individual children while incorporating motor, literacy and numeracy development. 
There will be opportunities to read, write, count and reflect while engaging in active exploration, research and discovery.


    During the year children have the opportunity to participate in excursions. Our excursions have included Science Works, Melbourne Zoo, The National Theatre in St Kilda, School Performances and St Kilda Community Gardens.

  • Incursions

    We are also very lucky to have a range of incursions throughout the year, which include:

    • Healthy Harold
    • Shape Station
    • A variety of plays
    • Local authors
    • Indigenous experiences
    • Zumba
    • Pet Safety
    • Swim Safety
    • Dentist
    • The Health Nurse, and many more