Babies Room Program

  • In the Babies Room we endeavour to offer a play based program that is built around the children’s interests and developmental needs. The program is enriched with learning opportunities to allow the children to explore and discover, whilst promoting the development of self-confidence, independence and positive self-esteem.

    Documenting Progress

    The program is documented through our in-room Program Wall, through the daily journal and in each child’s individual portfolio.

    The Program Wall
    This is where families can read about experiences that are set up within the room, their value to your child’s development and why they are important. You can also read about how educators foster learning through each activity.

    Daily Journal
    This journal provides families with a snap shot of what has been happening in the room and what children have been exploring and discovering. There will be photos on display from the day’s activities and information about how your child’s play within the Babies Room environment is nurturing their growth, development and learning.

    Individual Portfolios
    Each child will have their own portfolio in which educators document their personal journey throughout their time in the room. It will contain learning stories, observations, artwork samples and photos.

  • Learning Outcomes

    When we document our children’s learning from different activities or experiences we link it to Early Years Learning Framework, the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework and   five learning outcomes:

    Outcome 1                  Identify: Children have a strong sense of identity

    Outcome 2                  Community: Children are connected with and contribute to their world

    Outcome 3                  Wellbeing: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

    Outcome 4                  Learning: Children are confident and involved learners

    Outcome 5                  Communication: Children are effective communicators

    These outcomes are part of the Victorian and National learning frameworks; the documents are used by educators within the programs to extend and enrich children’s learning from birth to five years old and through to their school transition.

    The frameworks form the foundation for ensuring children in early childhood education and care settings experience quality teaching and learning.

    Reference:      Being, belong, becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia